The most cost effective marketing channel to reach your customers, increase sales, and continue building relationships, loyalty and trust. When done right email marketing can produce an instant result and lets you see how effective your campaign is.

If you are serious about making additional sales with low cost, it is the high performing tool available at DigitalDots. Reaching your target market and building customer relationships in a personal way has never been better.

Building an email template to be compatible across most popular email clients is another frustration of most developers. You might be able to develop a professional website, but it doesn’t mean at all you can build the perfect email campaign.

Benefits of Email Marketing

With this marketing technique, you can…

  • Generate more repeat business
  • Deliver your message to the right audience
  • Get instant responses
  • Measure your campaign’s performance effectively

Our software can help you to

  • Create and send beautiful emails to your customers
  • Manage subscribers without any hassle – it handles signups, unsubscribes and bounces automatically
  • Easily create targeted segments of subscribers
  • Send targeted and personalised emails
  • Track your email related conversions and email